6 Tips You Should Know Before Buying a Robot Vacuum

The head of Samsung Eesti Toomas Tiits also predicts the further growth of the popularity of robotic vacuum cleaners, as in recent years these devices have become more powerful and “smarter”, and it is becoming more convenient to use them – for example, you can control the vacuum cleaner via the Internet.

People are getting used to the idea that a dusty work can be done by a robot while no one is at home, “said Tiits. – The robot can be configured so that it will be vacuumed at least every day, and a person will only need to regularly empty the container for dust and debris.

6 Tips Before You Buying a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

“Before buying a robot vacuum cleaner, you should determine in what environment it will work, and how well it should do its job,” said Tiits and shared six simple tips that will certainly help you make the right choice.

In which rooms will the vacuum cleaner be used?

Is it a small apartment or a private house? Are there living quarters on several floors? Virtually all robotic vacuum cleaners today have built in the function of recognizing stairs – they see the steps and do not fall off the ladder. It may also be useful to install virtual walls so that the vacuum cleaner does not get to where it should not be. Also in the maneuverable vacuum cleaners a navigation system is built in, which makes up the layout of the room and allows you to clean methodically, and not just aimlessly driving around in a circle.


What are the surfaces to be cleaned?

If the room is hard parquet flooring or tiled on the floor, most of the robotic vacuum cleaners will easily cope with the task and clean the surface satisfactorily. It is more difficult to make a choice if there are a lot of carpets on the floor, skins, toys and wires lie on the floor. In this case, you should choose a more powerful and “smart” machine that can move the edges of carpets, as well as clean various textile surfaces and skin.

Also, the robot cleaner should be smart enough not to get confused in the carpet of the carpet or in the wires lying on the floor – the device should recognize such situations and continue working elsewhere.

What is the power of the robot vacuum cleaner?

Here you should pay attention to three factors – suction power, battery capacity and charging time. A high-power vacuum cleaner can handle both carpets and hard surfaces, whereas for vacuum cleaners weaker carpets and, for example, seams between tiles can be a problem. For example, the latest robotic vacuum cleaner Samsung suction power is 40 watts – this is one of the most powerful models on the market. At the same time, the device is able to adapt to the surfaces that need cleaning – a large capacity is used only where necessary. Powerful motors require a lot of energy and so you need to keep track of how much the device can run on one battery charge. Most robotic vacuum cleaners have a running time of 1 to 2 hours, and charging time is 2-3 hours. You should also pay attention to the fact that when the battery starts to come to an end, the robot can recognize it and go to the charging site on its own, and then continue cleaning.

Do you have allergies at home?

The most modern and expensive robotic vacuum cleaners are equipped with special HEPA filters that prevent dust and allergens from entering the container back into the air in the room.

Are there animals at home and do people wear long hair?

before buying a robot vacuum

From the person’s head drops 50-100 hairs daily, i.e. in a family of four people for a weekend spent on furniture and on the floor can remain up to 800 hairs. Pets also contribute. The robot vacuum cleaner should be able to collect all the hair and all the wool from the floor and carpets. Long hair is easily entangled in the brushes and prevents their rotation – so you need to pay attention to what the manufacturer says about his brushes. Some more expensive models are specially designed to cope with hair and wool.

What are the different possibilities offered by robotic vacuum cleaners?

New robotic vacuum cleaners can be configured for different modes of operation, set the time for cleaning, and use mobile devices to monitor and control the cleaning, choosing what the robot should do-clean or recharge. For example, if you want, you can, sitting on the couch, using a laser pointer to send a robot vacuum cleaner to a specific place in the room.

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