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Driving Method of Bumper Car In South Africa

The electric bumper car for south africa is equipped with an electric bumper vehicle that is driven by a motor to drive the rear axle. The motor has a DC motor, an AC motor, and the like. Bumper battery battery power energy acquisition methods, such as coal, nuclear power, water and so on. Bumper cars can make full use of the extra power charging in the evening power grid to make power generation equipment fully utilized day and night, greatly improving its economic benefits, conducive to saving energy and increasing the displacement of carbon dioxide C.

Driving Methods of Bumper Car Rides

Bumper car main electrical parts use and maintenance tips

First, the use and maintenance of the battery

Battery Use

1. Always keep the battery power in a sufficient state to prevent the battery from being in a depleted state.

2. Try to avoid overheating the battery by discharging a large amount of electricity or discharging a large current in a short time.

3. After using the battery for a period of time, you can consciously use up the battery.

The battery is charged with a discharge depth of 60-70%. In actual use, it can be converted into mileage. According to the actual situation, necessary charging is required to avoid harmful charging.

Driving Methods of Funfair Bumper Car Rides

Battery Maintenance

1. Dosing battery:

A. Pay attention to the battery level, how to choose a bumper car, and add the distilled water (avoid other additives) to make the battery level between the upper and lower scale lines.

B. Always check the battery terminals for corrosion or looseness. If the above situation is found, it is necessary to clean and tighten the binding posts in time.

C. Keep the battery surface dry and clean.

D. Always check battery holders such as battery platens and battery levers. The electric bumper car is equipped with an electric bumper vehicle that is driven by a motor to drive the rear axle. The motor has a DC motor, an AC motor, and the like.

2. Maintenance-free Battery

A. Keep the battery surface clean and dry, and always check the tightening of the terminals and terminals.

B. Frequently check the battery clamps, battery rods and other fixed batteries.

Driving Methods of Bumper Cars

Second, the use and maintenance of the motor

1. Avoid sudden acceleration and rapid deceleration to prevent the motor life caused by large electric shock from shortening; when the water is immersed in the motor, the motor will be damaged.

2. Ask the professional to check the carbon C) brush every 5000Km. Especially when operating in humid or dusty environments, the frequency of such inspections should be increased. When replacing the carbon brush, the carbon deposit should be cleaned, the bumper car should be of good quality, and the surface of the commutator should be polished if necessary.

4. Always check the tightening of the motor terminals to find loose and timely tightening.

5. Always check the surface of the motor to remove dust and dirt from the surface.

Third, the use and maintenance of the charger

1. Qualified sockets and wires are required for the charging field. The electric bumper car is equipped with an electric bumper vehicle driven by a motor driven rear axle. TheĀ  Beston bumper car has a DC motor and an AC motor.

2. In particular, the wiring points at both ends of the leakage protector should be tightened once a month. The earth leakage protector should be tested monthly according to its instructions. Make sure the leakage protector is working.

3. The charger needs to be kept ventilated and cooled when working. Do not place debris on the rear cover and block the vents.

Fourth, the use and maintenance of the controller

1. Always check the tightening of each terminal of the controller. If it is loose, tighten it in time.

In addition, good driving habits are very important for the long-term and stable operation of the bumper car (interpretation: stable stability; no change). In addition, some car owners like to put some decorations on the back cover, especially put two pillows or plush toys. More information about the bumper car rides In South Africa? You can click