Grilled Beef Recipe

You can arrange a picnic in nature at any time of the year. Such a holiday can not do without delicious dishes cooked on the grill. Varied menu will help recipe for beef on the grill, which includes the simplest products. To taste, meat does not get worse than restaurant snacks.

Fresh Grilled Beef Recipe

A simple beef recipe with a photo will help out in any situation. For example, when it is required to surprise guests with an exquisite and fast in cooking dish. It is enough to pickle the pieces correctly, cook a barbecue of beef and add everything with vegetables, sauce. Preparing beef on the grill quickly, and the taste depends on the freshness of the meat, the amount of seasonings and marinade.



First of all, you need to choose a suitable grill or an ordinary grill for a barbecue. Determine the choice will help you to the photo on the Internet, useful advice of specialists. Then you need to choose tasty meat for a barbecue. Do not fit frozen or weather-beaten, too fatty chunks.

When choosing meat, it is advisable to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • the steak color should be uniform;
  • the smell leaves a pleasant impression;
  • a fresh piece quickly restores the shape after pressing a finger;
  • extraneous inclusions (slime, liquid) are absent.

These tricks will help make barbecue recipes even more successful.


Delicious meat on the grill is obtained even from culinary beginners. You can capture the process of cooking on a photo, demonstrate skills to friends and acquaintances. To beef on the brazier was juicy, you can sprinkle it with vegetable oil in the process of pickling. Too dry pieces are wrapped in bacon for a gentle taste, preserving the shape.

It is necessary to prepare beef on the grill evenly. To do this, one piece is cut into several flat squares, making cuts on the fat. Different meat recipes include such spices:

  • garlic powder;
  • pepper (black, red, white);
  • oregano;
  • sea ​​salt or common salt;
  • rosemary;
  • dry mustard.


Cooking steak BBQ can be done in different ways. Someone likes meat “medium”, and someone prefers fried pieces, photos of which cause appetite. Any recipe for meat on the grill necessarily includes preliminary marinating.

The marinade contains liquid and dry ingredients. Prepare the meat on the grill, marinating it in red wine, soy, mayonnaise sauces. As a liquid, you can use kefir, beer, pomegranate juice. For a barbecue of beef does not fit a large amount of vinegar, lemon juice.

Saturated to taste beef steak is obtained with the use of spices. In the marinade add fragrant herbs, honey, ready-made condiments. A large number of marinade recipes with photos allows you to choose the most suitable option.

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For marinating it is better to choose glass, ceramic dishes. Do not fit plastic, aluminum, metal containers.

It is necessary to strictly observe the proportions of the prescription. For example, if you add a lot of lemon juice, the pieces will be stiff and dry.

Marinate meat preferably all night. The recipe does not sometimes indicate the exact time for the marinade. And one more thing: you can not use a lot of salt if you want a juicy steak.

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